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Are you a skilled tradesperson looking to grow your business, reach more customers, and streamline your operations? Fast Repair invites you to join our innovative platform, designed to connect top-tier contractors with clients in need of quality, reliable services. Whether you specialize in plumbing, carpentry, electrical work, or any other trade, we offer a unique opportunity to become part of a revolution in the home and commercial repair industry.

Why Partner with Fast Repair?

Expand Your Reach: Joining Fast Repair puts your services in front of a vast audience actively seeking quality repairs and renovations. Increase your visibility and connect with clients who value your expertise.

Streamline Operations: Our platform simplifies the process of finding work and managing jobs. Update your service areas, rates, and availability in real-time, and receive job matches that align with your skills and schedule. Say goodbye to the hassle of marketing and the uncertainty of job leads.

Fair and Transparent System: We're committed to creating a fair marketplace for our contractors. We never sell client details to multiple companies or create a competitive bidding war over jobs. With Fast Repair, you receive direct, matched job opportunities based on your expertise and availability, ensuring a smoother, more efficient workflow and better experience for customers.

Benefits of Joining Fast Repair

Exclusive Access to High Quality Jobs & New Customers: Get matched with jobs that fit your skill set and preferences, reducing time and effort spent on securing work.

Control Over Your Schedule: Our real-time availability system allows you to accept jobs that align with your schedule, giving you complete control over your workload.

Competitive Advantage: Stand out in a crowded market with Fast Repair's endorsement. Our platform is synonymous with quality and reliability, enhancing your reputation and attracting more business.

Hassle-Free Customer Interaction: We take care of the initial customer communication, providing detailed job information upfront. This allows you to focus on what you do best—delivering exceptional service.

How It Works: Joining the Fast Repair Family

1. Sign Up: Complete our simple signup process, showcasing your skills, certifications, and service offerings.

2. Get Matched: Our algorithm matches you with jobs based on your expertise, availability, and service preferences.

3. Complete Jobs & Get Paid: Deliver great service to Fast Repair clients. Enjoy streamlined payment processes and grow your business with every job.

Ready to Boost Your Business with Fast Repair?

Take the next step in your contractor career. Join Fast Repair today and connect with clients looking for the high-quality, reliable services you provide. Let's build a better future for home and commercial repairs, together.

Why Become a Fast Repair Partner

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    No Joining Fees
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    1-2-1 Matched Jobs
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    No Job Competition
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    Account Manager
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    Online Portal
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    SMS & Email Notifications
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    No Minimum Contracts