Due Diligence

At Fast Repair we are dedicated to connecting our customers with highly skilled, reliable, and vetted independent contractors. Our comprehensive due diligence process ensures that each contractor meets the high standards our customers expect. Here’s an overview of our rigorous process:

1. Initial Screening

1a. Qualifications and Experience Verification: We verify the qualifications and experience of each contractor to ensure they possess the necessary skills and expertise for the job.

1b. Identity Checks: To confirm the legitimacy of contractors, we conduct thorough identity verifications, including photo ID and address checks.

2. Insurance Verification

2a. Public Liability Insurance: It’s mandatory for all contractors to have valid public liability insurance, providing coverage for any unforeseen incidents during service provision.

3. Online Reputation and Reviews

3a. Social Media and Online Presence: We assess the contractor’s online presence, including social media profiles and online reviews, to gauge their reputation and customer interaction.

3b. Feedback from Previous Fast Repair Jobs: Feedback from jobs completed under Fast Repair is crucial. We evaluate contractors based on customer feedback, focusing on professionalism, quality, and timeliness.

4. Regular Updates and Continuous Monitoring

4a. Updating Documentation: Contractors are required to keep their documentation, including insurance and qualifications, up to date to ensure ongoing compliance with our standards.

4b. Continuous Performance Evaluation: Our evaluation process is ongoing, with contractors assessed based on customer feedback and the quality of their work to ensure only the best are part of our network.

5. Interview and Onboarding

5a. Personal Interviews: Candidates undergo an interview to assess their communication skills, professionalism, and alignment with our values.

5b. Onboarding Process: Successful contractors are taken through an onboarding process, familiarizing them with Fast Repair’s expectations and standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Our commitment at Fast Repair is to uphold a stringent due diligence process for all independent contractors, ensuring your safety, satisfaction, and the quality of work. Choosing Fast Repair means selecting a service that prioritizes trust, quality, and customer satisfaction above all. We understand the importance of having reliable and vetted contractors for your repair and maintenance needs, and we go the extra mile to ensure we meet these expectations.

For more details about our services or to book a repair, get in touch with us today. With Fast Repair, rest assured you’re in good hands with our network of reliable, vetted, and insured contractors.