We've revolutionised the way you hire tradespeople by simplifying the process, ensuring quality, and delivering convenience right to your fingertips.

About Us


When you need fast, on-demand services like plumbing or repairs, you need these services fulfilled quickly.

Despite there being many solutions in the UK for finding local tradespeople, most lack real-time price and availability information and don't have appointment booking systems. 

Your left submitting your contact details to multiple companies, leading to innumerous incoming sales calls from deserate tradespeople fighting over your business.

It's an awkward, inefficient and frustrating experience for everyone involved and leads to poor matches between skillsets, requirements and availability.

Due to the urgent nature of requirements many customers settle for whomever called first.


The right contractor for your job might be a reasonably priced plumber with availability today but currently under a sink, not who can dial your number the fastest. 

We use technology to solve this problem and put the experience of customers and contractors at the centre of everything we do.

Through our mobile and web apps our contractors update their service areas, rates and availability in real-time allowing you to check availability, get instant quotes and reserve appointments online.

We also never sell your details to multiple companies and we don't make contractors fight over your business.

Instead, we take more detailed job information upfront and our systems will instantly pair your job with a single contractor has availability now and is the best match to your job requirements, timeframes and budget.


Tell us about your job and trust Fast Repair to deliver on speed, quality and price.


Any questions? we're here to help...

Q: 01.How do I get work from Fast Repair?

If you’d like to become a partner, get in touch via our Partners page. We’re always looking for skilled contractors to join our fast growing UK network. Sign up online and submit your Public Liability Insurance and Company Information data so we can complete our due diligence checks as quickly as possible.

You can email us on

Our bespoke job matching algorithm sorts contractors by price and availability to ensure customers get the best match of price, speed and job requirements.